Snapshot Kampala is a part of a 3 class course that is custom designed by 100cameras to equip passionate creatives with the tools to empower kids in a community they care about with the opportunity to learn how to process their stories and create change. [Photo taken by 100cameras student, Praise, age 13, during Snapshot Kampala]


Snapshot Project Kampala was led by father and son duo, Jeff and Jacob True, from Louisville, Kentucky USA during the spring of 2017. In partnership with Passion Christian High School, a school that serves approximately 200 students and many of which require sponsorship to be able to pay for the modest school fees, this project worked with 16 students ranging in ages 12 to 19.

Jeff noted how shy the students were at first as everyone got to know each other, but by the second class, they had opened up about their own personal hopes and dreams. Despite some very hard life circumstances, the students all had a positive outlook and joyful spirit. Taking pictures around the school campus and in the surrounding village area, they especially loved taking photographs of their friends and the natural world around them. By the third class, a few of the students had really gotten creative with colors and angles, and learned how to capture the emotion of the subject in their images.

It was wonderful to hear their get to see Uganda through their eyes. Their love for their country and friends and family came through in their stories and photographs. - Snapshot Project Leader, Jeff True

100% of proceeds from the students' photo sales will go directly back to their community. Based on the current needs of the organization, the proceeds raised will help the Passion Christian High School fund any ongoing educational needs. 



These photographs were selected from the hundreds taken by the students, illustrating the photographic and storytelling skills they developed in the class while also contributing to a larger narrative of their community. [Click to enlarge]