help make it all happen 



Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help give kids the following: 

  • The opportunity to learn storytelling + photography to process their life experiences and share their stories

  • The platform to share their images as products for sale to become contributors to their society

  • The empowerment to see their stories heard and their work provide medical, educational, or basic needs for themselves and other community members



1: Donate online

We are committed to fundraising separately to cover administrative costs because it allows us to send more funding back to our partner communities to enable more change. By giving a one-time financial gift or by scheduling a recurring monthly donation, your support will help provide us with a predictable stream of income to plan financially and reduce time spent on fundraising during the year.

2: Mail a Check

Please make check payable to 100cameras and mail to the following address: 

100cameras, Inc | 601 W 26th Street, Suite 325-211 | New York, NY 10001

3: Sponsor a Kid by Adopting a Camera

This initiative gives you the opportunity to become a central part of the mission. For more information, please email 

4. make a connection to a sponsor

We are always pursuing innovative ways to partner with brands, corporations, or individuals to create a greater impact for the students and communities we serve. If you are interested to learn more, have a specific idea for collaboration, or would like to make an introduction to someone in your network, please contact our Chief Storyteller, Angela Popplewell.


Established in 2009, 100cameras is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and funded entirely through the generous donations of individuals, businesses and foundations. View our privacy policy here. Read about our financials here