financial information

Thank you for being interested in our journey. As a passion project for many years, 100cameras is experiencing great and rapid growth, and we are thrilled at all that is to come in the next few years. 

100cameras is a 100% volunteer organization with a small organizational budget. Because of this, any funds raised go towards the following:

  1. Our program implementation that empowers kids and communities worldwide.

  2. Minimum overhead needed to further the mission by sharing the students' stories, seeking to increase their photo sales, and scaling program impact.

  3. 100% of proceeds from the students' photo sales go back to the community organization in which the photo was taken.

Note: 100cameras is a 100% volunteer organization, meaning no staff are paid, and thus, ~100% of our budget is focused on furthering our mission.

The future

As we move into our next big phase as an organization through fundraising and scaling our programs to work with more kids worldwide, we are planning for more overhead resources to be needed and to hire bandwidth to nurture our growth and keep it sustainable. We recognize and believe in the importance of financial transparency and will stay committed to sharing the new numbers at that time.

For now, please find our 990-EZ for 2017 HERE.

We hope you will follow along our journey as we grow!

Established in 2009, 100cameras is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States of America and funded entirely through the generous donations of individuals, businesses and foundations. View our privacy policy here.

Tax ID Number: 26-4692506