Specially designed to join alongside a variety of educational programs across the world, our new workshop platform will enable us to equip more students with the tools to tell their stories while also empowering them to learn that their perspectives are important. What better way to help individuals learn young that their voices matter and that they can choose the direction of their own personal story? 

Through our workshop class structure, students will be given the opportunity to participate in three classes and will become part of a global photographer community with fellow 100cameras students from across many countries. Their work will be featured on and will have great opportunity to be featured on other published sites and at events. 

This three class workshop is designed to be taught through the overarching lens of how to share a narrative through photography while empowering students with the important reminder that their stories matter and their perspectives are unique and powerful. Our workshop curriculum has been customized to enable an in-house arts teacher or community leader to lead each class. Each class focuses on the following benchmarks through our one-of-a-kind interactive lectures, camera and photo activities, and discussions:

  1. Compositional Techniques: How to write a narrative with images. Focusing on the effects and tools that a photographer can choose from such as vanishing point, rule of thirds, leading lines, etc to express their story.
  2. Photography Techniques: How to capture the moment as the photographer sees best by learning the camera equipment and its functions. Students have fun learning techniques such as aperture, shutter speed, night photography, etc. 
  3. Storytelling Techniques: How to self-express and communicate a vision, a story, a personal journey, and/or an emotion through images. How to invoke a feeling or response in the viewer through photography. Students explore their own unique stories through activities and exercises that help them process their past, present, and future, encouraging them to embrace their storylines with wholeness and a passion for growth.  

These workshops will truly be an unforgettable experience for students everywhere, and we couldn't be more thrilled to reach more students through this educational partnership. If your school, after-school center, or enrichment program is interested in bringing this workshop experience to students you know and love, please download our Workshop Platform Overview that shares our course description, objectives, materials needed, general qualifications, and our criteria for approved partner organizations. 


If upon reading our overview, you decide a 100cameras workshop may be a great fit for you and the organization you choose, then we excitedly invite you to complete our online application of interest.

Completed Workshops: