Goze. By Goze, Age 10, Iraq

Goze. By Goze, Age 10, Iraq


16x20 Fine Art. Printed on Aluminum.

Photo taken by 100cameras student, Goze, during Flagship Project Khanke, 2019.

Goze was engaged at every turn. Her enthusiasm was contagious, she was all heart in every moment. Her images capture the nature and love of the human spirit as it resonates within her community.


100cameras joined in the work of an IDP camp located in Khanke Village, Kurdistan, in Iraq. The kids we worked alongside are displaced Yazidi youth who fled the Islamic State fighters invaded and destroyed their home in Sinjar in 2014, forcing them to make a treacherous and life-fearing, weeks-long escape to safety -- with thousands not surviving or being captured and forced into slavery.

With the reality that they have now been displaced and living in tents in an IDP camp through heat and snow for over 5 years and may never be able to return to their home due to the mass destruction or even the trauma of such a return, our method utilizes photography as a powerful tool for self-expression, processing, and feeling ownership in the stories of their individual lives and those of their communities. Our approach intentionally leaves the boundaries open and clear because it is their right to feel and share.

See here how they have chosen to be represented; feel how they have expressed themselves to be heard.

Each photo is available to bid upon for purchase, and 100% of proceeds will directly fund lifeline supplies for the IDP camp where they reside.

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