Girls on Bicycles. By Kiden, Age 16, South Sudan

Girls on Bicycles. By Kiden, Age 16, South Sudan


16x20 Fine Art. Printed on Aluminum.

Photo taken by 100cameras student, Kiden, during Flagship Project Kajo Keji, 2008.

Kiden's images have a lyrical quality to them. This is at least partly due to the fact that so many people are smiling in her images but there is something else as well. She captures movement in stunning ways and her compositions gracefully curve and undulate, giving the viewer a sense of harmony and well being. Through her images, she celebrates the life-force that exists in her surroundings.

100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this photograph will provide lifeline supplies and shelter for kids at St. Bartholomew’s. Life in the region continues to be difficult, and St. Bart’s takes care of providing the food, shelter, and safe-keeping for many children who have been orphaned due to the surrounding conflicts.

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