Thank you for your interest to welcome another 100cameras course with your students!

Please help us learn more even more about your organization and the community by completing the following questionnaire. This application is for us to get to know you better so that we can tailor a project even more to the needs of the students you serve as well as provide opportunity to share any specifics or logistics that may have changed or evolved since our last partnership.

SNAPSHOT Project APPLICATION for pre-approved organization

Name of Partner Organization Contact *
Name of Partner Organization Contact
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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The most successful project experience for the students and organization will be the direct result of choosing a qualified, enthusiastic, and passionate creative who is on board to be trained in how to teach the curriculum and that also desires to inspire and engage students in this unique way.
To ensure that we have the most updated information on record, please share about the mission and work of your organization. We will utilize this copy when writing content about the project and our partnership.
Help us understand your purpose and intent in hosting a Snapshot Project alongside this specific group of students and this community. Information that would be helpful to learn about the students: • Tell us about their background • Share about the obstacles they face in their everyday lives • Describe their role in the organization • Share any additional context/info that you believe would help us equip the teacher to connect with the students and best tailor the curriculum to serve their needs
Give us the nuts and bolts of how to best implement. Please outline your Snapshot Project by providing the following information in paragraph form: • Potential dates for the Snapshot Project. • Potential time of day that would work best with your programming. Generally, each class needs 2.5 - 3 hours. • The age range of the students. • Describe the organization's relationship (if any) to the community as it could relate to the students' experience completing activities outside in the area.
• Describe how your project's student photo sales will plan to make an impact through one of the three 100cameras areas of impact (Lifeline supplies, Education, or Medical needs) • Share how you believe funds will be used by the partner organization as well as a distribution plan for transferring funds from 100cameras to the partner organization (For example, does the organization have infrastructure to receive wire transfers?) • Share how you would plan to feature your Snapshot Project* and the work of the students at an event and/or through social media after completing the project. • Explain how you would plan to gain PR* — or rather, how you would plan to raise awareness for the community by sharing the students' photographs and stories? Getting the story out there is a huge piece of raising awareness for the community and increasing photo sales (ie raising money for the partner organization) *100cameras will also be doing these things, and the more we can do together through this partnership, the more people will see the students' images and stories.
Please share any feedback from previous project experiences with 100cameras. Every community and organization is different and has different needs -- it's the beauty of the world and what we do. Now that we have worked together, we want to make future projects even better and as customized as possible to your culture and priorities. • What worked great that you want to definitely ensure happens again? • What did not work great that you would like to see improved upon?
We are always looking for project sponsorship partnerships with brands, and therefore if funding for you or the organization is not an option, please still complete the application so your project is on file with us should scholarship opportunities arise.