Thank you for leading an incredible Snapshot Project! We cannot wait to publish your project and begin sharing your students’ perspectives with the world.

This post-project survey will serve as support for us in the following ways:

  • Content to create additional and ongoing behind-the-scenes posts about the project as told through your experiences about the impact had on the teachers, students, community and/or partner organization. The more detail you can provide, the more compelling we can tell the story in new and engaging ways for many moons to come.

  • Quotes to share more about your Snapshot Project specifically as well as to use to inspire others worldwide to lead a Snapshot Project in a community they care about.

  • Feedback so we can improve. Snapshots are a new platform, and we are constantly looking to make it stronger and better as it grows. Hearing directly from your perspective and experience is important to us.

Thank you for taking the time here, and let us know if you have any questions!

-Angela and team

Ps, please answer all prompts in complete sentences to help us ensure that your answers stay connected to your original intent and context as it relates to each question.


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