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The 100cameras Snapshot Project Platform is specifically designed to work in partnership with local schools, community centers, children’s homes, or enrichment programs to equip students with the tools they need to tell their stories while also empowering them to create change in their communities. Partner organizations are accepted through an application process submitted and will be approved based on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrates strong community commitment ties through programs and services.

  2. Must be willing and able to establish and maintain a long-standing partnership with 100cameras.

  3. Shows substantial need that the 100cameras mission can positively impact students through creative expression and/or funds raised.

  4. Must demonstrate accountability with funds and impact, including outcome and measurements.

  5. Shows enthusiasm and desire to work alongside 100cameras to help make the workshop a special and celebrated experience for the students.

  6. Has a lead representative to be liaison between partner organization and 100cameras.

  7. Has a teacher ready and willing to receive training tips from 100cameras staff and to teach students. (This may or may not be the same person as the lead representative.)

  8. Commits to engage with 100cameras team to provide progress reports on course updates, impact data, images, and stories to help amplify students’ voices and perspectives via website and social channels

  9. Must work with children/youth in the community. Those children/youth should:

  • Be central to the partner organization’s mission.

  • Benefit from the 100cameras course and the partner organizations’ programs.

  • Be available to participate consistently in an eight class course.

  • Either have experienced or are still experiencing challenging circumstances in life.


Through interactive lectures, camera and photo activities, and group discussions, our curriculum utilizes the three key benchmarks of composition, photography, and storytelling to teach the following lessons:

  1. Introduction: Get to know the camera and each other

  2. Composition Techniques: Storytelling is an important piece in photography

  3. Camera Tool-belt Techniques: How to take great pictures and feel confident

  4. Range of Feelings: Oh! All the emotions that can be expressed and communicated

  5. Something of Me: A time to explore the personal narrative 

  6. Map My Story: Process the past, reflect on the present, and look to the future

  7. Portraiture: An art form to express an idea, story, emotion, perspective, or self-view

  8. Your Role in the World: Create central themes to tell big picture stories; graduation celebration


Based on a decade of experience, we have packaged up our program to provide an all-inclusive kit that equips you to lead a 100cameras project with the confidence, tools, and structures that have been used by our team across the world. The cost for a Snapshot kit is $3,000 USD* and includes the following: 

  1. 8 Classroom Lesson Plans designed to meet educational programming standards (digital)

  2. All supporting materials such as slideshows, worksheets, & graduation certificates (digital)

  3. Classroom assessment tools to track the growth of each student and project's impact (digital)

  4. Point-and-shoot cameras (10)

  5. SD memory cards (10)

  6. Camera cases (10)

  7. Student journals (10)

  8. Curriculum tutorials and Q&A with 100cameras team

  9. Field support before, during, and after the project

  10. Management of online project webpage at and photo sales gallery

We continually seek donors and brand sponsorships to help cover these costs. To apply for financial assistance, please do complete an application so that your information is on file.