8 class course



By nature of having more time in the field, our 8 class course is designed to offer a deeper dive for students to be guided to process and tell their stories through photography. 

Through our custom interactive lectures, camera and photo activities, and group discussions, each class focuses on our three key benchmarks of composition, photography, and storytelling to teach the following classes:

  1. Introduction: Get to know the camera and each other

  2. Composition Techniques: Storytelling is an important piece in photography

  3. Camera Tool-belt Techniques: How to take great pictures

  4. Range of Feelings: Oh! All the emotions that can be expressed and communicated

  5. Something of Me: A time to explore the personal narrative 

  6. The Mind Map: Process the past, reflect on the present, and look to the future

  7. Portraiture: An art form to express an idea, story, emotion, perspective, or self-view

  8. Your Role in the World: Create central themes to tell big picture stories; includes graduation celebration

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Based on a decade of experience, we have packaged up our program to provide an all-inclusive kit that equips you to lead a 100cameras project with the confidence, tools, and structures that have been used by our team across the world.

The cost for a 8 class Snapshot kit is $3,000 USD* and includes the following: 

  1. 8 Classroom Lesson Plans designed to meet educational programming standards (digital)

  2. All supporting materials such as slideshows, student worksheets, and graduation certificates (digital)

  3. Classroom assessment tools to track the growth of each student and project's impact (digital)

  4. Point-and-shoot cameras with manual settings (10)

  5. SD memory cards (10)

  6. Camera cases (10)

  7. Student journals (10)

  8. Curriculum tutorials and Q&A with 100cameras staff

  9. Field support before, during, and after the project

  10. Management of online project webpage at and photo sales gallery

*We are always seeking donors and brand sponsorships to cover the costs of kits. If funding is not available, please complete an application regardless so we can keep your information on file for such opportunities.


If you or your school, after-school center, or enrichment program are interested in bringing this experience to students you know and love, please follow these next steps:



With 8 classes being our most comprehensive Snapshot Project program, we ask that you learn more about us along with the nuts and bolts of what leading a full-length project entails.

2. apply

Upon reading our Snapshot Handbook that outlines the A to Z of the Snapshot Project Leader process,  we are thrilled to invite you to complete our online application of interest.



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