At 100cameras, we believe in helping kids learn young that their voices and perspectives matter in their lives and in the future direction of their communities - no matter their background or current circumstances. With your help as Snapshot Project Leader, we seek to partner with you to amplify students' voices by sharing their stories with the world. And together, we can empower youth to continue the cycle of positive change well into their adult years. We are incredibly grateful for your interest to join us in this way, and we are looking forward to getting to know you through this application process. Now let’s get started!

First, we want to help you learn more about 100cameras, our heart, and vision, and about the nuts and bolts of what leading a Snapshot Project entails. Please download our Snapshot Handbook to review in great detail the overview of the process from A to Z. Before continuing forward, please take time to consider and ensure this opportunity and commitment is right for you at this time. Since this is a prerequisite for entering into the application process, a submitted entry allows us to assume you have read and agree upon the SPL commitment as shared in the handbook. 

click to download snapshot project handbook

Second, we would love to learn more about you! Please complete these questions with thoughtfulness. This round is for us to get to know your personality, heart, vision, and plan for leading a project. So let it all shine on through!

This application cycle is currently closed. Please follow @100cameras on social channels for the announcement of when our next round of applications will begin. 

Please note that answers that exceed the requested word count/character limit will not be processed.

Happy sharing!

Name *
Please share your vision for your Snapshot Project. (250 characters or less)
Help us understand your purpose and intent in leading a Snapshot Project alongside a community you care deeply about. (100 words or less)
Give us the nuts and bolts of how you plan to lead and implement. Please outline your Snapshot Project by providing the following information in paragraph form: • Potential time/dates of your Snapshot Project. • How you plan to fund your trip. • Partner organization you plan on working with along with why you choose this one. • Describe the organization’s mission and work in the community. • Confirm whether or not the organization serves the needs of kids. • Describe your relationship (if any) to the partner organization and the community. (350 words or less)
• Describe how your project's student photo sales will plan to make an impact through one of the three 100cameras areas of impact (Lifeline supplies, Education, or Medical needs) • Share how you believe funds will be used by the partner organization as well as a distribution plan for transferring funds from 100cameras to the partner organization (For example, does the organization have infrastructure to receive wire transfers?) • Share how you would plan to feature your Snapshot Project and the work of the students at an event after completing the project. • Explain how you would plan to gain PR — or rather, how you would plan to raise awareness for the community by sharing the students' photographs and stories? Getting the story out there is a huge piece of raising awareness for the community and increasing photo sales (ie raising money for the partner organization) (300 words or less)
(your) STORY. Describe an experience that helps us understand you. This could be a childhood memory, a work experience, a failure or a success. Help us understand who you are today based upon where you have been! (300 words or less)
Describe a situation where you realized the importance of listening first to another person’s story. How/why did this affect your personal perspective going forward. (250 words or less)
Describe an experience where you had to work through a disagreement with a team member to achieve a communal goal. How did you overcome and work together? What did you learn about yourself when it comes to working on a team and when navigating confrontation? (250 words or less)
Describe a time when you encountered an obstacle when trying to accomplish a goal and how you acknowledged, addressed, and solved the problem to keep moving towards the goal. If pivots needed to be made in order to achieve success, please share. (This could experienced be during a project at work or personal lifestyle goal or hobby etc.) (250 words or less)
Tell us about your passion for cultures, perspectives, and people. (150 words or less)
What would you say it is that most makes your heart beat? (250 characters or less)