Da Nang, Vietnam - 32

Da Nang, Vietnam - 32

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Photo by Trung, 15 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam 2019

Gregarious, outgoing, and loves love (a romantic to the core). He lives about 30 minutes outside of Da Nang, VN. Trung didn’t learn VSL until he was 10 years old, and he is the only person in his family to speak VSL. His family owns cows — Trung’s pride and joy. Every day, upon arriving home from school, Trung asks his family, “Have you fed the cows yet?”.

Trung is also a proud and passionate dragon dancer. In Vietnam, dragons are considered sacred symbols of good luck. Every year, he joins with a group of boys to practice and perform the dragon dance, wearing a shared dragon costume and parading amongst other dragon dancers throughout the streets of his community. When he’s not dancing, Trung enjoys spending time at the river near his home. “The river has fish - I feel fresh when I look at it.”

To describe himself, Trung shared: I like cows, dogs, chickens, ducks. I like to ride a bicycle. I like to play soccer. And I like to eat at weddings because the food is really good. I like to dragon dance. I hate rats and snakes. I’m scared of crocodiles. I feel happy when I play with friends and my cow. But when I play with cows, the sun makes my skin dark, and I want to pull the cow home - but it won’t listen to me.

One day, he hopes to become a professional dragon dancer. Or a barber. 

[To say Trung’s sign name, puff up your cheeks with air, then make the “okay” symbol with your right thumb and pointer finger while shaking it around.] 

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