Da Nang, Vietnam - 23

Da Nang, Vietnam - 23

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Photo by Thúy, 15 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam 2019

Curious, sensitive, and independent. Thúy lives with her parents and her brother, of whom only her brother speaks VSL. She shared a memory of being the only deaf student at her first school, where all of her classes were in Vietnamese. Sometimes her teachers attempted to speak to her in VSL, but she didn’t yet understand. During this time, her parents moved to Da Nang and left Thúy so that she could continue to attend school. She felt lonely. Eventually she moved to join her parents in Da Nang. Upon moving, she began attending CDS where she grew in her knowledge of VSL.

Thúy operates to her own rhythms, as is evident in her unique photography style and tendency to independently explore during class field trips. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors and taking photos on her mom's phone. She wants to be a phone saleswoman in the future.

Here is a day in the life of Thúy, according to Thúy: She wakes up at 5:00am because her brother turns on the lights. After this, she watches a short movie, bicycles to the neighbor’s house to buy something for breakfast (instant noodles, etc.) and then heads to school. She has rice for lunch then takes a nap. After her nap, she has more school and then goes home. Sometimes her cousin takes her home and she doesn't see her dad because he has gone out drinking. She feels hungry after school and watches TV, but when her mom gets home, her mom changes the channel to something like people singing. She looks a little bit at Facebook and has dinner at 7:00pm. She then has free time, so she speaks VSL with her younger brother. Then it’s time for bed. 

To describe herself, Thúy shared: I like ice cream, reading books, reading comics, dogs, coconuts, mangos, apples, and flowers. I don’t like swimming in the ocean, trees, drawing, and kangaroos (when I look at their pictures, I don’t like it). I’m happy when I see a baby and play with it. I’m happy when I ride my bike and play with my female black dog. 

[To say her sign name, make a VSL ‘T’ and turn your wrist back and forth on the side of your right eye.] 

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