Da Nang, Vietnam - 17

Da Nang, Vietnam - 17

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Photo by Thảo , 14 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam 2019

Reserved, consistent, and sweet. Thảo lives at home with her mom, dad and brothers - she loves spending time with her family. Thảo didn’t learn VSL until she was 9 years old. She is able to speak with her mother.

Though outwardly timid, Thảo is bold in her pursuit of photography and friendships. She is eager to tug on a teacher's arm for help or to share her photos. Thảo shared a positive memory of being 3 years old and travelling frequently with her mom and dad. 

To describe herself she shared: I like pineapple, durian, wrist-watches, drawing, and cats. I don’t like coconut or oranges. And I don’t like eating. I feel happiest when I go out with my sister, mom, dad and grandmother. Sometimes we travel far, and sometimes close. 

In her free time, she likes to go fishing with her cousin. One day she hopes to work in the local market selling produce and flowers.

[To say her sign name, take your right pointer finger and run it down the bridge of your nose.]

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