Da Nang, Vietnam - 13

Da Nang, Vietnam - 13

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Photo by Niên, 16 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam 2019

Spunk, boldness, and expressive. Niên’s parents divorced before she was born, and just two years ago, while sleeping in the same bed, her mother passed away. Niên wasn't attending Central Deaf Services at the time, or any school, and didn't yet speak Vietnamese Sign Language. After waking and seeing her mother, in order to communicate what had happened, she was forced to leave her home and search for a neighbor - someone who could help. She now lives with her father, whom she didn’t meet until after her mother had passed.  

Because Niên has experienced so much, she carries the power of strong emotions. Since she wasn’t taught VSL until she was 14 years old, she is consistently eager and excited to communicate. During the course, she shared a memory about being the only deaf student in her kindergarten class - watching the other students play and speak together. This made her feel sad. At the time Niên thought she was the only deaf person (ever) since she had never met another, until she joined CDS at the age of 14.

To describe herself she shared: I like cats. I like the dragon bridge. I like hamsters. I like watching tv. I like my glasses. I don’t like dogs - I’m scared they will bite me. I don’t like lions. I am happy when I’m helping my grandmother.

Niên is drawn to light and flowers. She wants to be a teacher in the future.

[To say Niên’s sign language name, put only your right pointer and middle finger together and tap them against your jawline.]

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