Da Nang, Vietnam - 08

Da Nang, Vietnam - 08

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Photo by My, 14 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam 2019

Light, joy, and big hugs. My lives at home with her mother and two sisters. Her father passed away just over one year ago, leaving her mother to care for three daughters - one of whom is deaf and physically disabled. Recently, due to a stroke and heart problems, her mother spent extensive time in the hospital. Though My is deaf and unable to walk from Cerebral Palsy, she manages to care for herself when her mother is sick. She does not allow her disabilities to be a barrier - she is just as attentive, hard-working, and participatory as her fellow classmates. 

My shared a memory from when she was around 9 years old - when her “mom and dad were happy with one another”. At the time, she attended a school where the teacher was very hard on her - scolding and hitting her, causing her to frequently cry. Because of this, My’s mom helped her switch to CDS, and she says shes been happy ever since. 

In her free time, My enjoys watching tv, playing with her sisters and laughing. She is especially fond of photographing people. One day My hopes to become a professional embroiderer.

[To say My’s sign language name: hold your right pointer, middle and ring finger together next to your eye, then move them in an upward curve, the shape of your upper eyelashes.]

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