Da Nang, Vietnam - 03

Da Nang, Vietnam - 03

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Photo by Ân, 13 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam 2019

Ân is pure enthusiasm, extroversion, and sass. He was separated from his young parents at birth and lives under the care of his grandparents. He recently was able to meet his mother for the first time. His grandpa is incredibly supportive - after the first 100cameras class he drove Ân all around the city just to take photos. 

He is the only student who attended any form of school prior to joining CDS. Ân shared that as a child, his grandparents attempted to teach him to speak Vietnamese. The process was difficult and frustrating, a memory of which he is not fond. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to go to CDS and learn sign language when he was 10 years old.

He remembers being 5 years old and witnessing fireworks for the first time, “they were beautiful”. In his free time, Ân likes to play soccer and video games. He hopes to one day work as a computer engineer.

To describe himself he shared: I don’t like tigers or the sun. I don’t like when I have to share the tv remote. I like playing with phones, bicycling, swimming, and eating mango. I like the Tran Thi Ly bridge. I like going out and playing outside. I’m happy when I play soccer, badminton, jump rope and running. 

Ân was always very excited about 100cameras class. One of the SP teachers commented, "I think Ân is the most excited about this class. He always wakes up from his nap first to help set up." 

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