Here you can learn more about the following core aspects to our work:

  1. Our curriculum empowers the individual self

  2. Our platform empowers local-driven change

  3. Our approach is proven

  4. Our impact to date and how you can join

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1. our curriculum empowers SELF-LED DISCOVERY AND FREEDOM

Our custom curriculum is designed to guide kids through a process of self-discovery and realization of the important role and contribution they have in their surroundings. Utilizing photography as our gateway to teach kids confidence, ownership, and expression through documenting their everyday lives, our program opens up their own journey to process their past, present, and future through the power of emotions and storytelling in a way that breeds hope and freedom for their view of the future. 

We do this in a way that can give kids the opportunity to identify and help shift any internal negative dialogues of self-worth, imprisoned thoughts and feelings, or feelings of being overlooked or not heard toward writing a self-narrative of meaning and importance.

Providing tools that put the power and ownership of telling their own story directly into their hands guides them into an enlightened state of empowerment in learning that it has always been their own story — their own voice — and that their participation is very much needed in the bigger picture. 

Students proud of their work during  100cameras Snapshot Omaha , USA, 2018.

Students proud of their work during 100cameras Snapshot Omaha, USA, 2018.

2. our curriculum empowers SELF-LED PROVISION OF NEEDS

Furthermore, the kids’ photo sales fund important supplies in their community. We will never attempt to suggest what supplies are needed most in a local community and rely solely on the rooted and accomplished local partner organization to choose what would be the most effective benefit for the kids. Whenever possible, the kids are included in the decision, making it all the more effective.

This is crucial in teaching kids firsthand how they can be important contributors to their surroundings, and that at the core of it all — they matter. By getting out of the way and simply lifting up a student’s perspective and contribution through a global platform, they are showing themselves that today and always, they indeed very much matter. 

Every time you watch, see, purchase, and listen to what they have to say and to teach you, you are lifting them up too.

Watch a moment of empowerment in real-time by clicking this button or on the image below:

3. our approach is proven

100cameras was honored to be included in a recent report published by the United Nations entitled Cradled by Conflict. Their research evaluated links between youth who had experienced the trauma of conflict that were then given an opportunity to not only process and share their past difficulties, but to, as equally validating, then feel heard as well — were more likely to become contributors to their community versus following a path to rebellion. The 100cameras method and approach was included as an example of an enrichment program that could come alongside communities and aide efforts by providing this much needed process to their youth. In addition, we are proud to share that many images taken by our students around the world were included as features in the published report as well. 

Academic research ties this exact link between the provision of visual arts to the impact it has with kids who have experienced trauma in any way. Across the many sectors of injustices, it is supported that kids who have been given the platform to process, tell, and feel heard are more likely to engage verses choose decisions of delinquency.

Too often, incredible aide efforts to build schools and hospitals or to provide infrastructure are found abandoned years later. Not because the aide was not needed or the work of the provider was not incredibly important to the community, but because the local voices were not a part of it in a way that was empowering and that encouraged engagement. This is why we do what we do alongside kids at a young age and in partnership with the organization providing the much needed resources, aide, and support. It’s what makes our heart beat as an organization and entirely motivates our approach.

To read a list of supporting academic resources, please follow the below link. We are committed to always remaining students ourselves, and so this list is always being revised.

A moment captured during 100cameras Snapshot Hoi An, Vietnam, 2018.

A moment captured during 100cameras Snapshot Hoi An, Vietnam, 2018.

4. our direct results

To date, 324 kids have graduated from our programs worldwide, raising over $50,000 USD in photo sales to fund much-needed supplies such as food, medicine, eye glasses, and cooling systems. To see what has been specifically funded in each project as determined as a priority need by the local community themselves, check out our project gallery HERE to read more about each one.

In 2017, we officially launched a platform for programming entitled Snapshot Projects. This platform packages up our entire model including the curriculum, equipment, and training along with the tips and lessons learned from over a decade of experience into one kit for passionate individuals to lead their own 100cameras project in a community they care about. A dream since the early days, this program enables us to scale our impact drastically year to year and reach more kids worldwide. In 2018, we worked with 13 communities thus far which more than doubled our impact made historically prior to the launch — in one year alone.

And we’re just getting started. We’re thinking bigger in 2019 and beyond, join us!

Learn more and apply to lead a Snapshot Project and become a direct part of our approach and impact.

The graduating class of  100cameras Snapshot Dhaka , Bangladesh, 2018.

The graduating class of 100cameras Snapshot Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2018.

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