Envision a world where kids everywhere have the tools they need to make an impact!

You've followed us across the globe, now bring 100cameras into your home. This is your opportunity to gather friends and family to celebrate that we all have stories to tell. Host a Storytelling Supper to unite around the table and empower kids to transform their communities by sharing their perspectives.

Together, our conversations can have a positive and rippling effect on communities around the world. Every story shared and dollar donated at your supper will further the mission of 100cameras.

We've listed 5 easy steps below and included some creative materials to help equip as you prepare, and we're deeply thankful to you for joining us.

Step 1: Set it up and start sharing

Set a goal - no contribution is too small. Choose a date and invite your friends to your Storytelling Supper! We've created three invitation templates to help you get the word out.

Step 2: Spice it up

The menu:
We encourage you to explore a menu inspired by one of our projects. Feel free to get creative! It could be a sit-down, a potluck, a formal affair, or a fun and casual hangout -  whatever fits your style best.
Have an original recipe? Share it with us at

The table:
We have placemats, banners, and story cards that feature our students' images available to download. You can find all those resources here.

Step 3: Gather as a community that just made a difference

All that’s left to do is cook and eat! Now pass the plate and share our kids' incredible stories. And share yours too. Remind your guests why you came together, and capture the moment. Show us your snapshots of how you made a difference. Tag them with #StorytellingSuppers for the chance to be featured. 

Step 4: Donate what you raised

At your supper, please direct your guests to our donate page or collect donations yourself and make one donation for the group!

Step 5: Register your supper here

Thank you for hosting a Storytelling Supper! One of our teammates will be in touch pronto.

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