spring gala sponsorships


empower kids to process & tell 

Partner with us in May 2020 at our Spring Gala in Tribeca, NYC.

100cameras is a nonprofit organization that works with kids around the world who have had challenging experiences and teaches them how to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that impacts how they view themselves and their role in their community. We provide a platform to sell their photographs and give 100% of the proceeds to fund the most pressing needs in their communities, enabling them to see the impact of their contribution.

Through our custom sponsorship packages, come celebrate and be an important part of the narrative. 


AN EVENING TO celebrate

100cameras has reached renowned success with the New York gala scene. Often selling out event tickets in advance, we average over 300 guests in attendance, ranging across respected industries. Past sponsors have been thrilled with the production, atmosphere, venue, and the exposure their brand received. 

This year, 100cameras seeks to set the bar even higher with special additions. Join us in May 2020 in Tribeca, NYC — and be an integral part of empowering kids and communities worldwide. 


sponsorshipS overview


+ Participation in a high-profile event with a strong reputation 

+ Extensive opportunities to gain brand product exposure

+ Brand association with an event that empowers children worldwide

+ Message of commitment to the world’s future generation

+ High brand visibility via event publicity and promotional tie-ins

+ Customized packages to suit your budget and objectives






  • Entitled as “Presenter of the Evening” Credit

  • Logo on official invitation with link to company

  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship during event

  • Logo placed prominently on marketing materials

  • Significant signage at event

  • Press release announcing the sponsorship

  • 20 tickets to the event

  • Headliner mentions on social media

$25,000 USD




  • Entitled as a headline sponsor

  • Logo listed in the sponsors bracket on invitation with link to company (premium placement)

  • Logo on event marketing materials (premium placement)

  • Prominent signage at event

  • Press release announcing the sponsorship

  • 10 tickets to the event

  • Significant mentions on social media

$10,000 USD





  • Logo listed in sponsors bracket on invitation

  • Logo on event marketing materials

  • General signage at event

  • 5 tickets to the event

  • Mentions on social media

$5,000 USD


BEVERAGE sponsorship

  • Logo listed on event webpage

  • Logo on event marketing materials

  • Significant signage placed at event

  • Product displayed beautifully at bar

  • 2 tickets to event

  • Mentions on Social Media

product donations of wine, beer, & liquor


To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Angela Popplewell, CEO. 

Angela@100cameras.org   ||   (850) 443-8013



From South Sudan to Cuba to Thailand to USA to India and Brazil, kids are learning how to express their perspectives and tell the stories of their past, present, and future through our custom curriculum that teaches both storytelling and technical photography skills.