flagship Project 006: cartagena


During Spring of 2018, 100cameras partnered with the Colombian Pediatrics Society to work alongside a local school in Marlinda to teach 25 kids how to process and tell their stories. Located just outside of Cartagena, one of the highest tourist destinations in South America, this community has survived the effects of a decades long battle with violence from both the drug war and the guerrillas along with a scarcity of resources and economic opportunity due to a lack of government presence, among other factors. Juxtaposed with the sprawling landscape of Cartagena city, Marlinda is tiny and humble, but alive with a vibrant community of families and fishermen.

It is evident that these kids have a deep love for their culture and community along with a yearning to learn. Our mission is empowering them to dive into that truth through guiding them to explore their past, present, and future through the powerful outlet of visual storytelling.

I also learned a lot about other things aside from photography as well. I am proud that my photos will be seen in other cities far away...and that I completed the program. I feel really good after the program because when I tell my story, people will listen.
— Jesus David, 100cameras Student
To see the kids getting a new outlet to channel their creativity is pretty rewarding, and it has a multiplier effect not only within the school but within the community as well. The kids focused mostly on an optimistic point of view, which brings a lot of hope for the future.
— Claudia Castro, School Social Connector
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All year, these incredible kids must function in classrooms with 90+ degrees of captured heat which directly affects their ability to focus, learn, and thrive in their education. Many have learning difficulties, and trouble reading or writing at their level.

Purchase any image, and you can empower them to change this reality for themselves and for their classmates.

100% of proceeds will fund educational resources for the students and their school mates. At the dire request of the school faculty, the first resource funded will be an air conditioning system for their entire school. Once completed, proceeds will go toward other educational supplies for the children. 

100cameras x Inside Out

We are also thrilled to announce a special collaboration with the Inside Out Project team. Through their unique platform, our students were able to see their narratives displayed in the form of life-size posters pasted on architecture throughout the city of Cartagena. Ultimately creating a presence that lifted up the voices, highlighted the perspectives, and spoke volumes to the heart and perseverance of the people of La Boquilla!

After a lifetime of feeling overlooked by those traveling from abroad to their city, this community will not only be represented for many months to come through this unique and powerful installation, but a glimpse into their perspective will be seen and celebrated through this outdoor exhibition. 

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