Explorations. By Abel, Age 9

Explorations. By Abel, Age 9


Abel is quiet, thoughtful, and serene. He likes La Boquilla because it’s beautiful, and has a lot of coconut trees. He doesn’t love when storms come. When he gets older, he wants to be a baseball player. He plays in his spare time, and has been playing since the age of 5. He likes to go to the beach. He likes taking photos of his favorite things. It’s his first time using cameras like this, and he’s happy he gets to learn.


100cameras partnered with the Colombian Pediatrician Society to work alongside a local school in Marlinda to teach 25 kids how to process and tell their stories. Located just outside of Cartagena, one of the highest tourist destinations in South America, this community has survived the effects of a decades long battle with violence from both the drug war and the guerrillas along with a scarcity of resources and economic opportunity due to a lack of government presence among other factors.

It is evident that these kids have a deep love for their culture and community along with a yearning to learn. Our mission is empowering them to dive into that truth through guiding them to explore their past, present, and future through the powerful outlet of visual storytelling.

For more than half of the year, these incredible kids must function in classrooms with 90+ degrees of captured heat which directly affects their ability to focus, learn, and thrive in their education.

Purchase any image, and 100% of the proceeds will empower them to change this reality for themselves.

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