Caroline Parker || based in FL


What do you do at 100cameras?
I am the talent coordinator. Essentially I am the doorway to 100cameras when it comes to all things volunteers, projects, partnerships etc. I wear a lot of different hats and I love it.

I am usually the first person most people talk to when they contact us at 100cameras - another thing I love about what I do! I get to hear first hand why they want to get involved with our mission, why they want us to come do a project with them, and I even get to hear from kids who are asking us for a camera. It's amazing.

What do you love most about being a part of 100cameras?
I love that we offer kids (who often don't think their stories and perspectives matter) an opportunity to show them that they do! Their stories and perspectives certainly matter in HUGE ways to the rest of the world -- and now to do that though photography... it's my heart!

We also have the most amazing (& random!) team of rockstars. Some are in NYC and some, like myself, work satellite from home all on a volunteer basis. You just don't hear about people staying with a nonprofit that long -- and especially with no compensation. We do it because we believe in what we are doing. It is beyond an honor and privilege to do this alongside them!

Where you are from? Where do you live now?
I grew up in Palm Bay, Florida but went to school in Tallahassee, Florida and really consider Tallahassee my second home. I now reside in Gainesville, Florida with my husband, two kiddos, and new lab puppy.   

What is your favorite 100cameras project and photograph?
I have a couple of favorite projects but really the one that really has my heart is Cuba. Just see for yourself! Cuba - 3 by Manuel is my favorite. I love the colors and depiction of life in Cuba.

What is something about you that not many people know?
My mother is a music teacher so I grew up singing and playing instruments. I have played the violin for years and enjoy singing at church.   

If you could launch a 100cameras project anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
East Gainesville, Florida. These kids have an amazing story to tell and I would love to help them share it through the lens of a camera. 

What do you do in your spare time?
I have 2 kids and a 3 month old puppy... what spare time? Ha! If I have spare time, I usually sleep or binge watch Netflix.

What book are you reading now?
Rick Bragg's My Southern Journey.