For Kids Like Niên

During the Spring of 2019, 6 incredible students learned to tell their stories through 100cameras Snapshot Da Nang in Da Nang, Vietnam in partnership with Central Deaf Services.

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Due to a lack of access and resources, Niên was not able to learn Vietnamese Sign Language until the age of fourteen. Because of this, much of her entire life beforehand felt isolated due to being deaf -- without an education, excluded from activities, or left out of conversations with her friends and family. And then just three years ago, her mother passed away while they were both at home together.

Now at sixteen years old, Niên was the oldest student in the 100cameras class which recently took place in Da Nang, Vietnam. Yet she began the course as the shyest and most unsure, often questioning her ability to hold the camera, take photos, and process and answer questions.

As the curriculum progressed, something within her shifted. She grew in confidence and discovered her expressive voice through photography -- one centered around flowers and light. And rather than continuing to feel insecure, she approached the teachers eager to share her story and photos. Seeing the value in her own story is one of many new steps taken for Niên's journey of processing, healing, and feeling heard.

Photo by Niên, 16 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam

Photo by Niên, 16 years old, Da Nang, Vietnam



For majority of their lives, these students did not have access to learning Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL), and therefore not experiencing a comprehensive and effective form of communication which limited their ability to interact with those around them. The world to them is bright and glowing and reflective of their thoughtfulness, intelligence, and talents. Yet, without the ability to hear, many of them have spent their lives isolated - without an education, excluded from activities, left out of conversations with their friends and family.

Photography as a tool for processing and expression provided each student with a new and vivid outlet to articulate their unique perspectives and understandings of the world in a way that all can experience and find connection.

Kids everywhere deserve the right to process their experiences, tell their stories, and feel heard. Empower and uplift their stories and perspectives today. Learn more and purchase their photographs!

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