Get to know local Venezuelan, Elizabeth Schummer, and her heart behind becoming Project Leader of Snapshot Caracas.


As a recently retired Oral surgeon of thirty years, Elizabeth Schummer is proud to have taken the necessary steps towards a change in career to becoming a trained photographer. Pursued as a personal attempt to move forward and reinvent herself, she discovered photography as a way to see everything that surrounds her in a different way. As an individual already deeply passionate and aware about cultures and people, it now fascinates her as a photographer even more to search for details when it comes to people’s way of living and how different social groups work. 

While we just met earlier this year, it is evident that Elizabeth has been an inspiring go-getter since practically forever. As an engaged citizen in Caracas, she finds it very gratifying when you can make a difference in a community and transfer some of your background and education towards others who are less fortunate. As one example, upon her new career, she quickly got involved with the local organization Espacio Anna Frank that serves kids in impoverished neighborhoods in Caracas and created her own photography project with kids to help them realize the importance of their point of view that culminated in an exhibition to celebrate their work.

Upon acceptance into our Snapshot Project program, Elizabeth is excited to bring additional elements to the opportunity of self-empowerment through photography to the kids and community through her continued partnership with the organization Anna Frank. She along with her teaching partner, Ricardo Jimenez, believe the students will definitively gain an invaluable tool with these classes and hopefully build a better future for themselves and their families.

As a Snapshot Project Leader, we are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth's skills and passion to our program and are confident her project will thrive to teach kids living in Caracas how to process and tell the stories of their past, present, and future. During such a time as now in Venezuela, Elizabeth says it poignantly about how the opportunity to express oneself and one's story is a powerful and important tool:

Photography has given me the possibility to narrate stories that interest me through images, to express and show others everything that I care for, and to revindícate the beauty that still surrounds us in my country despite all the negative things we face every day.

Launching in spring of 2018, we are thrilled to see Elizabeth's Snapshot Project happen in tandem with her partner, Ricardo, and cannot wait to see the kids' everyday perspectives and hear their stories. Follow along on our social channels to see updates throughout the process!

You can learn more about Elizabeth's vision and how you can directly support her efforts to make the project happen in Venezuela by clicking HERE

Elizabeth Schummer pictured here with students from her recent photography project in Caracas.

Elizabeth Schummer pictured here with students from her recent photography project in Caracas.

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