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One Million Photographers X 100cameras
Old Cuban Car by Nicolás Biglié from One Million Photographers 

Old Cuban Car by Nicolás Biglié from One Million Photographers 

We believe everyone has a story to tell, and we love teaming up with like-minded folks who believe in the same. Enter One Million Photographers, a global photography competition hosted online for professionals and hobbyists alike.

1MP originates in the belief that images uploaded to photo contests shouldn’t just vanish until the winners are announced, enabling photographers to display their work and discover the work of others. Through their unique submission process where every photo story is featured on their online gallery, 1MP has taken a lead in giving their users the opportunity to share the beauty of the everyday storyline. They've created a place where photography can just simply live and find its much-needed space to inspire others and to celebrate perspectives worldwide, no matter which image wins.

100cameras is honored to have been chosen to partner with 1MP to create even more impact together. 1MP's commitment to give $1 from every photo submission is truly an important addition to the work of 100cameras this year. This gift will directly fund our project platform to equip more kids worldwide with the tools they need to share their perspectives and to create change in their communities. Each submission is entered into the chance to be selected to win the grand cash prize -- which is a dollar amount currently at $8,704 and increasing day by day.

Check out the 1MP website for updates and to see the most recent grand prize total, view the process for submission, and peruse the images already submitted to this global narrative. Plus! Submit your work and feel great about furthering the work of 100cameras at the same time.

Countless thanks to the 1MP vision, team, and community of photographers participating in the competition! Click here to learn more about the One Million Photographers partnership. 

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