as you wish co X 100CAMERAS

We love when the voices of our world embrace their role -- their responsibility & their reach -- to create positive change in their piece of the overarching narrative to further the greater good for all. So in good commitment to our mission, we couldn't resist the chance to be a founding charity partner in the newly minted jewelry line, As You Wish Co. When Founder, Jenna Terek, reached out with her plans to launch a company and her dream to create a line that gives back big, we enthusiastically jumped in with her. What inspo to us! To us all!

Shop this line of beautiful handcrafted pieces today. Buy one for yourself, buy one for your friend. Buy one for every person you celebrate. Buy one for that stranger that you feel needs a pick-me-up when you see them during your daily commute. Your purchase will share some light in that person's life and can help support the mission of 100cameras!

When you purchase at As You Wish Co, select "Education" during checkout, and 25% of your purchase will help further our work to empower kids to create their own change in their communities.

Shop   As You Wish Co   bracelets. Purchase today, select "Education" at checkout, and 25% goes towards our mission. 

Shop As You Wish Co bracelets. Purchase today, select "Education" at checkout, and 25% goes towards our mission. 

Each bracelet that we sell means more to me than you could ever imagine. Each day, I will strive to make sure that we are doing all that we can to help people not only in our backyard, but across the world...Thank you for helping me change the world.
— Jenna Terek, Founder

As You Wish Co. shares a few wishes when you wear the product:

  1. Wear your bracelet loud and proud. When you see a friend, peer or stranger wearing an As You Wish Co. bracelet, we encourage you to feel empowered to start a conversation about which cause you support and why. 
  2. When you post on social media about As You Wish Co., please be sure to include the cause that you support! We are endlessly encouraging our customers to raise awareness about the mission that they believe in most. 
  3. Just as we love gift giving, we hope you do to! When you buy our products, there will be information about the cause you donated to in every package! We hope you buy our products as gifts for others and spread your passion!Thank you, Jenna. Thank you, everyone.

Thank you, Jenna. And we love you, world.