In 2011, 100cameras partnered with Campo Amor, an organization in Cuba that provides intermediary services to encourage community development, benefiting those who have been financially, socially and culturally excluded from society. We specifically support their Community Center’s programs to serve those in need through the education of available public services, medical aide, provision of humanitarian goods, the coordination of disaster relief efforts, small business leadership workshops, and entrepreneurial training.

Today, Cuba remains the world’s oldest communist state. The 1959 Revolution brought many changes that created complex layers of barriers and limitations that are experienced in everyday life. However, the rich heritage of music, culture, passion, and celebration are still present today in the lives and traditions of the Cuban people. Our goal was to give our students the opportunity to document all spectrums of the effects that communism has had on a generation born into what has been often labeled as a closed society.

It is through their lens that we are opened and able to see a certain beauty in the kind of community that is cultivated when a lifestyle is absent from advanced technology, the worldwide web, free journalism, workforce competition, and the opportunity to leave and travel at leisure. There is a depth and pureness lived there among the people that is inspiring as they function like a family  — always sharing everything they own and being fully present in one another’s lives.

However, we also see the faded colors, the failing architecture, and the despair and disadvantages that arise from the lack of having access to important life basics such as medical technology and care, dependable food provision, and not being able to pursue a chosen career path. It is through the eyes of their youth, that our students’ narratives let us into the society’s complicated brokenness while unveiling the great hope that exists and beckons in the horizon.

100% of proceeds fund education and workforce preparation as well as provides for basic humanitarian needs for 400 neighborhood children and 2,000 community members through the services of Campo Amor.

To date, the sales from the students' photography have raised over $14,000. These funds specifically purchased 1,000 pairs of eyeglasses for those in desperate need of improved eyesight and 3 sewing machines for community members to begin to create their own small business model, and the remaining funds will provide ongoing educational and medical needs in the community.